To Compare ICTY-ICTR and ICC by Richard Goldstone

I was watching this excellent video about a discussion on the successes and challenges at the International Criminal Court, held by ABA-ICC?, I then stopped for a moment to allow myself sharing this interesting points made by the former prosecutor of the ICTY and ICTR, Richard Goldstone.

Richard Goldstone was asked to compare the ICC’s development to that of the Ad Hoc Tribunals at similar points of their developments. He answered that to make such comparison will be unfair for the ICC as, according to Goldstone, the task of the ICC’s prosecutor is more difficult due to the following reasons:

1.     - Unlike ICTY and ICTR, ICC was given broader geographical scope of jurisdiction that will certainly complicate the work of the ICC’s prosecutor.

2.     - 

Unlike ICTY and ICTR that have primacy jurisdiction, ICC works as a back up mechanism when national jurisdictions failed to fulfill their tasks.

3.     - 

ICTY and ICTR  did not have Pre- Trial Chamber.

4.     - 

ICTY and ICTR did not have victim participation.

Interesting points…at least for me J